class GSTPy.SectionImageParameters

Parameter for cross section creation.

__init__((object)arg1, (list)feature_ids, (list)points, (SRS)srs[, (float)min_height=-3.4028234663852886e+38[, (float)max_height=3.4028234663852886e+38[, (int)horizontal_scale=-1[, (float)vertical_exaggeration=-1.0[, (float)point_projection_distance=0.0[, (ZAxisDomain)z_axis_domain=GSTPy.ZAxisDomain.Height]]]]]]) → object :


  • feature_ids (list[int]) – The list of feature ids that will be used for the section generation.

  • points (list[Point2d]) – The list of points that define the linestring of the section.

  • srs (SRS) – SRS of the linestring.

  • min_height (float) – The minimum height of the section.

  • max_height (float) – The maximum height of the section.

  • horizontal_scale (int) – 1:X for horizontal scale.

  • vertical_exaggeration (float) – The vertical exaggeration , z-values will be multiplied by this value.

  • point_projection_distance (float) – THe minimum distance of a point to the section for it to be included in the result.

  • z_axis_domain (ZAxisDomain) – The z-axis domain.