class GSTPy.BoreHoleImageParameters

parameter for borehole creation

__init__((object)arg1, (list)feature_ids, (Point2d)bore_point, (SRS)srs[, (float)bore_point_height=0.0[, (float)dip=90.0[, (float)azimuth=0.0[, (bool)project_z=True[, (float)max_bore_depth=3.4028234663852886e+38[, (int)vertical_scale=-1[, (ZAxisDomain)z_axis_domain=GSTPy.ZAxisDomain.Height]]]]]]]) → object :


  • feature_ids (list[int]) – The list of feature ids that will be used for the borehole generation.
  • bore_point (Point2d) – The x and y coordinates of the bore point.
  • srs (SRS) – SRS of the bore point.
  • bore_point_height (float) – The height of the bore point. Set project_z to False, for this value to be used.
  • dip (float) – The dip of the borehole.
  • azimuth (float) – The azimuth of the borehole.
  • project_z (bool) – True => project bore point z, False => use bore_point_height.
  • max_bore_depth (float) – The maximum length of borehole.
  • vertical_scale (int) – 1:X for vertical scale.
  • z_axis_domain (ZAxisDomain) – The z-axis domain.