List all child feature ids of a MoMa NodeΒΆ

For this example we show how to get a list of all child feature ids of a MoMa node.

Lets assume our current MoMa tree looks like the following.


And we have two feature classes like the following.

Feature class innercity.

id name
1 innercity_feature_1
2 innercity_feature_2
3 innercity_feature_3

Feature class area1.

id name
12 area1_feature_1
13 area1_feature_2
14 area1_feature_3

We want to get a list of the feature ids belonging to the node Augsburg.

Full code sample

import GSTPy

owner = ni.get_current_gst_user()
levels = ni.list_levels()
models = ni.list_elements(owner, levels[0])

model_links = ni.list_children()

augsburg_model = next((model for model in models if model.label == "Augsburg"))
augsburg_link = next(
    (link for link in model_links
     if link.target_id == and
     link.target_type == GSTPy.LinkAdjacencyTargetType.Element))

feature_ids = ni.list_feature_ids_of_link(augsburg_link)

With the example above we can expect the return value as follows. (The order can be different).

>>> print feature_ids
[1, 2, 3, 14, 13, 12]