Release Info

Updated Products:

  • GST Desktop (Version 3.2.0, requires 3.2.x backend)
  • GST API (Version 3.2.0, requires 3.2.x backend)

Download: GST Desktop

Download: GST API


Multi-selection in Browse Features

  • You can now highlight multiple Features with the well known Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click commands.
  • Two new actions in the right click context menu allow to add or remove highlighted Features to or from the Global Selection.
  • The actions in the right click context menu now affect the highlighted instead of selected Features.

Highlight Features from Global Selection for Drag and Drop in MoMa Tab

  • New Button “Highlight Global Selection”. This will highlight the Features from the Global Selection, so that they can be drag and dropped into the MoMa tree.

Reorder MoMa Tree Nodes

  • The nodes in the MoMa Tree can now be reordered.
  • You can change the order of existing nodes within their parent.
  • Newly added nodes can be positioned at the correct position right away.
  • Works for Feature and Element nodes.

Removal of MoMa Restrictions

  • You can now add MoMa Elements with the same name to different Owners or different Levels.
    • Previously MoMa Elements had to be globally unique.
    • Now they have to be unique per Owner and level.
  • You can now link MoMa Elements owned by different Groups into the same Subtree.
    • Previously the Group Owner had to be the same for all elements of a Subtree.

Transparent no data values for Grids

  • New Option in Color Map dialog "Transparent for Grids": If set, no data values for Grids are transparent.