Release Info

Updated Products:

  • GST Desktop (Version 3.4.0, requires 3.4.x backend)

Download: GST Desktop binaries


Query Feature per polygon

We added the option to use a simple polygon as Selection Area for downloading Features.

  • In Download Option, renamed “Inside a Box…” -> “Inside an Area…”.
  • Selection Area as Box (like before) or as Polygon (new).
  • Polygon can be selected from file (currently gocad pline and shape) or from an existing Line Feature.
    • Per convention, we take the first polygon of a file.
    • If a polygon isn’t closed (start point = end point) we close it before usage.
  • New Options Load Threshold and Load Mode.
    • Load Threshold defines when a feature is accepted by a Selection Area.
      • Intersected: Any Feature that intersects with the Selection Area will be accepted.
      • Contained: Only Features completely inside the Selection Area will be accepted.
    • Load Mode defines how an accepted feature is loaded.
      • Partial: Only the part of the Feature inside the Selection Area will be loaded.
      • Full: The complete Feature will be loaded.

Change Owner of MoMa Element or Feature Class

You can now change the owner of MoMa Elements and Feature Classes.

  • Option “Chown Selected Classes…” in the context menu of a Feature Class.
  • Option “Chown Model(s)/Element(s)/Unit(s)…” is available in the context menu of a MoMa Element in the right side view of the Models tab.
  • It is possible to change the Owner of multiple items at once.

Snapshot of Feature Class

We added the option to create a Snapshot of a Feature Class. A Feature Class Snapshot is a copy of the Feature Class itself with all Features, Attribute and Property values in the current version.

  • Option “Snapshot Feature Class” in the context menu of a Feature Class.
  • Choose Owner and name of Snapshot.

Snapshot of Feature Selection

Snapshot of Feature Selection combines the Snapshot of a Feature Class with a selection of Features and the option to limit the Features extent with the help of a Selection Area.

  • Button “Create Snapshot” in the Global Selection pane.
  • Features are affected by the settings in “Inside an Area”. This means Features will only be copied if accepted by the Selection Area with Load Threshold setting. The features shape will be affected by the Load Mode setting. Everything else behaves the same as “Snapshot of Feature Class”.
  • Note: This option is currently only available if the Features in the Global Selection all belong to the same Feature Class.

Improve Feature und Feature Class View

The Feature and Feature Class view can now both be sorted by column. We also added various filter options to both views.

  • The Feature Class view can be sorted by a column (already available for the Feature view).
  • The Feature Class view can be filtered by owner, name, geometry type and/or SRS.
  • The Feature view can be filtered by name, lock status, hull status and/or a user column.

Color Maps for discrete Feature Properties

You can now create Color Maps for discrete property values. The previous version only worked with continuous values and did interpolated between values and colors, if required. A discrete Color Map maps values directly to a color, no interpolation will be done.

  • New Color Map type for discrete Feature Properties.
  • Discrete Property types are bool, integer and string.
  • Can be created and edited from Color Map dialog. Feature Class context menu -> “Simplex Properties” -> “Edit Color Maps…” or context menu -> “Simplex Properties” -> “property-name-with-discrete-type”.
  • Entries can be added either one by one or with the clipboard tool.

Transform SRS of Feature Class

A new option to transform the SRS of a Feature Class.

  • Option “Transform SRS of Feature Class” in the context menu of the selected Feature Class.
  • Will create a new Feature Class with all Features in the new SRS, Attribute and Property values are copied.
  • MoMa Tree entries will be updated to reference the transformed Feature.
  • The old Feature Class will be kept as backup with a suffix “_not_transformed” (can be safely deleted).

Features with Z-Axis Domain in Time

You can now store Feature where the z-axis domain is time (ms).

  • New Option “Z-Axis Domain” in Create Feature Class dialog with options “Height” (the previously only option) or “Time”.
  • Updated our Gocad format routines to correctly read and write Features with a time z-axis domain.
  • Web and Intersection will display the time z-value unit as ms, where previously we only used m.

Smaller Improvements

Change Attribute Values for multiple Features

  • Option “Change Attribute Values for highlighted Features…” in the context menu when highlighting two or more Features in the Feature view.
  • Allows to set the Color and/or Attribute Values of all highlighted Features to the same value.
  • Only checked Attributes will be changed, unchecked once keep their current values.

Clear Global Selection

  • New button “Clear Global Selection”.

Show more Information

  • The Feature Class view has a new column “Feature Count” which displays the number of Features in the Feature Class.