NetworkInterface.save_feature((NetworkInterface)self, (FeatureDesc)feature, (str)output_path[, (RequestFormat)request_format=GSTPy.RequestFormat.SFSP[, (SRS)srs=None[, (QueryBox)query_box=None]]]) → SaveFeatureResult :

Download a feature directly to the filesystem.

  • feature (FeatureDesc) – The requested feature.
  • output_path (str) – The output path on the filesystem where the feature download output will be saved. Note: This has to be a directory, the filename of the result will be determined internally and is accessible in the result of this function.
  • request_format (RequestFormat) – The requested file format of the feature.
  • srs (SRS) – The requested SRS of the feature.
  • query_box (QueryBox) – The query box for partial request. If this parameter is supplied, the returned feature data will only be in the area defined with

The metadata of the save feature request.

Return type: