NetworkInterface.save_feature_area_limiter((NetworkInterface)self, (FeatureDesc)feature, (str)output_path, (AreaLimiter)area_limiter[, (RequestFormat)request_format=GSTPy.RequestFormat.SFSP[, (SRS)srs=None]]) → SaveFeatureResult :

Download a feature directly to the filesystem.

  • feature (FeatureDesc) – The requested feature.
  • output_path (str) – The output path on the filesystem where the feature download output will be saved. Note: This has to be a directory, the filename of the result will be determined internally and is accessible in the result of this function.
  • area_limiter (AreaLimiter) – The area limiter for partial request.
  • request_format (RequestFormat) – The requested file format of the feature. Optional, Default: SFSP.
  • srs (SRS) – The requested SRS of the feature. Optional, Default: feature class SRS.

The metadata of the save feature request.

Return type: